Simple plugin used to highlight / select menu items, headings and tabs

Very often you need to highlight menu items or other markers depending on your location. With the index page, forums etc it is pretty much simple:

<!-- IF {PHP.z} == index --> class="selected"<!-- ENDIF -->

Pages and lists, however are more complex. You might have something like this:
... [ Articles ] [ Blogs ] ...
And each cat would have subcats, subsubcats and, of course, pages.

<!-- IF {PHP.z} == pages AND {PHP.c} == articles --><!-- ENDIF -->

and adding tpl's won't help you much if you're looking at dynamic content and a minimal set of templates. You need a tool to identify parent category for a list or a page.
This is exactly what Highlight does: highlighting items depending on the parent category. All you have to do is:
1. Download and install Cotlib
2. Download and install Highlight
3. Add

<!-- IF {PHP.LIST_PARENT} == articles --> class="selected"<!-- ENDIF -->

where you need it.

Still confused? Here's the demo: http://sandbox.seditio.by/list.php?c=articles

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