EZlinks plugin

add simple links to your website

This plugin is a simplified version off the original favorites plugin. made by Olivier C. himself.

With this plugin you can just add links with comments. (No voting, no scores ...)
It is just a simple link list.

It does have enhanced menu's and you can create members only links.

When installed use the following url: http ://yoursite/plug.php?e=ezlinks

NOTE: tested on cotonti 0.64

This plugin uses the installation script, so you do NOT have to create the table manually by using Phpadmin or something like that. This plugin will create the table for you when you click install in the administration panel.

EZ as that

Version 1.20

1. ez  2009-11-12 16:44
2. ez  2009-11-15 22:22
Version 1.20 is now available.

It comes with a lot off options and an easy upgrade path to v1.20 (for the dumb people like me)

Please let me know what you think ;)
3. Dave  2010-12-22 08:25
hey :) i tested it, not bad :P and its not anymore "ez"-ey, i didnt notice anything wrong with cot 6.13
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