Generates commented resources list

Comlist Plugin shows commented pages, polls etc.

You can use it to generate last commented pages/polls/etc. list, most commented pages/polls/etc. list and so on.

As a Pagelist Plugin, Comlist is available via {PHP|comlist} callback from TPL file with the following settings:

$tpl - Template code (TPL file name without ".php" at the end)
$items - Number of items to show. 0 - all items
$order - Sorting order (SQL)
$condition - Custom selection filter (SQL)
$area - Custom comments areas list semicolon separated (both pages and polls by default)
$bwlist_cat - White and black lists of page categories. Mark categories with + or - to include them to the white or black list and separate with semicolon symbol. (+white_cat_1;...;+white_cat_N;-black_cat_1;...;-black_cat_Y;) Order does not matter.
$sub - Include subcategories in to the black and white lists of pages categorys TRUE/FALSE
$pagination - Pagination parameter name for the URL, e.g. 'pcm'. Make sure it does not conflict with other paginations. Leave it empty to turn off pagination

return string Parsed HTML


{PHP|comlist('comlist', '10', 'com_maxdate DESC', '', 'page;polls', '', 'true')}

shows 10 last commented pages and polls in all pages categorys without pagination

{PHP|comlist('comlist', '5', 'com_maxdate DESC', '', 'page', '+news;-sport', 'TRUE', 'pcl')}

shows 5 last commented pages in 'news' categorys without pages in 'news/sport' category with pagination

{PHP|comlist('comlist', '5', 'com_count DESC', '', '', '', 'TRUE', 'pcl')}

shows 5 most commented resources (pages,polls, etc.) in all availible areas with pagination

{PHP|comlist('comlist', '5', 'com_count DESC', '', '', '+articles', 'FALSE')}

shows 5 most commented pages of the root articles category without pagination

You can turn on/turn off caching and caching for authorized users in administration panel.

Cache is sensitive to TPL code, location, language and page number.

1. Denisbox  2016-11-11 12:04

Ошибку выдаёт на 0.9.19:

SQL error 42000: Syntax error or access violation: 1064 You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near 'GROUP BY com_area, com_code) c_ ON c.com_id=c_.com_id_max

2. Anonymous  2016-12-10 06:55

Получаю ощибку при использовании

3. Anonymous  2017-04-14 12:20

После того, как закоментировал пару строк в ошибка перестала появлятся, скорее всего не правильно делаю. Буду признателен за подсказку правильного решения.

LEFT JOIN $db_polls As pl ON c.com_code=pl.poll_id AND c.com_area = 'polls'

4. Dayver  2017-05-04 02:25

Если комментирование строчки с LEFT JOIN $db_polls решает проблему то видимо у вас отключен модуль опросов .... либо включите его, либо оставте заккоментированой эту строчку ибо автор плагина не поставил проверку на включенность модуля потому при его выключении возможны сбои.

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