Plug for automated setup thumbnailviewer script

This is a simple Plug for automated setup thumbnailviewer script

Setup the standard: unpack to plugins folder; in the admin panel install the plugin. This is all! Enjoy

UPD 2010-06-23
Plugin was updated by Alex300. Now with HTML-parsing, (example if you use ckeditor, etc) you don't need to add attribute "rel" to <a> tags any more. The plugin do it automatically using jQuery.

1. pvf1984  2009-04-10 20:32
2. Boss  2009-06-20 15:37
Может пример рабочий есть?
3. urlkiller  2010-05-13 16:15
if you want iamges to be resized change

line 55 thumbnailvieer.js

into this
[code=javascript]var imageHTML='<img src="'+link.getAttribute("href")+'" style="max-height:'+(window.innerHeight-100)+'px; max-width:'+(window.innerWidth-100)+'px; '+this.opacitystring+'" />' //Construct HTML for shown image[/code]
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