Pageavatar is a simple plugin providing an easy & user-friendly way to create page avatars -- page-specific images that can be displayed in page lists (list.tpl) and pages (page.tpl) — something like this:

Installation & usage is pretty much simple:
1. Download & install pageavatar plugin
2. Create img extrafield (admin panel -> pages -> extrafields)
3. Edit page.add.tpl & page.edit.tpl and add code snippets to list.tpl & page.tpl as shown on screenshots here

Check for the latest version of the plugin & leave your comments at

1. Oughtem  2010-01-30 06:09
Народ, кто может прикрутить ссылку на удаление картинок? Из плагина картинку никак не удалить ;(
2. aiwass  2010-06-04 17:20
How come one releases a INCOMPLETE plugin for Cotonti ??
This just popped up : 2010-06-04 09:20
Fatal error : SQL error : Unknown column 'page_img' in 'field list'

Redo the plugin and release it properly !
3. Kingsley  2010-08-11 10:59
it does upload the image, but it won't display them..
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