Image Size Inserter

Fills image width and height for PFS images

This plugin automatically fills width and height attributes for images inserted into pages from PFS.

Applies to:

  • Page display (PAGE_TEXT)
  • News plugin (INDEX_NEWS)

Use it on site with large images in posts. Do not use it if you don't have such a purpose, because it would harm your performance.


  1. Unpack to plugins folder
  2. Install it in the AdminCP => Plugins

1. pieter  2010-09-21 02:47
2. Trustmaster  2010-09-22 02:30
No, it isn't anything like that. It inserts true image width and height from PFS.
3. Trustmaster  2010-09-22 02:31
It prevents the page from "growing" and "sliding" while all the huge images are loading.
4. ez  2010-09-22 04:03
Hi, I have made a simular plugin..

Beware of performance issues ! (have solved this By the way)
I haven't tried this plugin yet, but what about external (other url) images, I think you can use getImageSizeFromUrl for that one.

Does this plugin do proper image scaling ??

You did some nice things in this plugin, I can use this code... it has some nice ideas

5. Trustmaster  2010-09-23 21:45
Performance wouldn't be such a problem if it was done on post update, not on display. But getting image size from url would be a true performance killer because just connecting a foreign host would take 50-200ms for each external image.

This plugin does no image scaling. It's just a simple thing for a simple task.
6. ez  2010-09-24 00:50
That was clear..
thnx for this plugin, i have seen some coding ideas I can use :)
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