Simple PFS public file browser

Browse all users public files

This plugin will show all PFS folders flagged as 'public', from all users, as well as all files in root (from all users). Folders flagged 'gallery' will get a different icon.

1. Trustmaster  2010-03-24 04:53
A simple screenshot would be nice. Thanks!
2. ez  2010-03-24 16:08
Screenshot or not.. I am going to download and use this code...
Thnx Koradhil... :D

p.s. I want to integrate this plug with a gallery viewer !!!
and also maybe a filepicker (so link, thumb, full image) thing.
So that users can SHARE files with other users !
3. ez  2010-03-24 17:50
I have looked at it and it needs some work..
But for me it is a good base to start from :)

The tpl has some typo's.. Here is a slightly better one

hmmm the parser is messing up the code section... :(
4. GHengeveld  2010-03-26 05:56
I've updated the download with a new TPL (for SED-Light). Here's a screenshot:

5. tensh  2010-03-31 16:33
Koradhil, can you post CSS to this plugin?
6. booka  2010-04-01 16:05
How we can create Sub-Folders?
7. booka  2010-04-02 01:54
That's what I was looked for a long long time. I already forgot about that
8. root  2010-04-25 10:12
Что то я не нашел в архиве такого tpl :)
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