With this plugin you can add banner rotation to your website.

With this plugin you can add banner rotation to your website. Banner Rocket Light supports such advanced features like Zones that allows grouping and displaying of many banners simultaneously and an advanced statistics system. This plugin is a very handy tool if you want to know how popular your banners are, but can also be used for displaying third party banners to get some extra income for your website. Banner Rocket Light will allow your clients to view their banner statistics so they can be sure that their banners are seen by your users and visitors.

Plugin originally written by Jonny Mattila ( )

Adapted for Cotonti by Alex ( )

Siena port made by esclkm, download it here.

Plug-in version 2.5 - 18.11.2010

- Unpack
- Copy folder "brlight" from archive into "plugins" folder on your server.
- Install and configure plugin in the administrator panel.
- Create necessary zones in Administrator Panel / System Utilities / Banner Rocket Light and add banners tj them.
- Add the necessary tags into tpl-files. Tag can be added to any TPL-file. It has the form: {PHP.BRLIGHT.ZONE_ID}, where ZONE_ID - is the ID of the zone.

Changes from version 2.1:
- Compatible with PHP5 and Cotonti 0.6.11
- Fixed a bug with flash-banners
- Fixed bug with "open" zone on zones and banners overview page.
- Removed old LDU code
- Fixed a navigation on statistics page.
- Fixed saving the last cleaning statistics time.
- Automatically create / delete tables in the database when installing / removing the plug from the admin area.
- Skinable width TPL - file




1. Chiaroscuro  2011-01-26 01:38
Расстраивают увеличения запросов в БД
2. Evil  2011-07-03 17:31
Будет ли сей плагин под Сиену?
3. tensh  2012-05-20 15:17

How to make it count swf banner clicks?


4. Chiaroscuro  2013-08-15 11:43

При установке произвольный код, эта опция при сохранении сбрасывается.

5. Chiaroscuro  2013-09-17 09:29

Не работает, см. пункт выше :)

6. Kobrin  2015-05-18 22:39

Скачал плагин банерокрутилки вот отсюда - Siena port made by esclkm, download it here.
Выдает ошибку

Fatal error: Call to undefined function cot_extrafields_register_table() in /Applications/MAMP/htdocs/bel.00/plugins/banners/inc/banners.functions.php on line 35

Что это?
Версия 0.9.18 

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