Language selector

Add language selection to your website

Switch between languages (On the fly !!!) B)

And together with Trustmasters plugin : i18n You can make your site INTERNATIONAL :D

Enjoy and let me (ez) know what you think...


1. malfo  2009-11-04 21:27

i think there is a little bug
you forget a '
here: onclick=\"document.cookie='langselect=".$x."';
it make the flag not clickable in ie7

2. ez  2009-11-05 02:43
Thanks malfo, I will fix it :)
3. ez  2009-11-21 05:54
Hi you ALL

Thanks to Pieter I found a serious bug in the language selector.
You can download a new language selector 104 from :

This will solve some strange things when switching from pages and languages..
Please TEST it for me... I currently do not have a multilanguage site to test with

and let me know if it works !!!!!

Ow forgot to mention (please remove ALL langselect cookies from your browser before you test !!)
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