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Subscribe to a topic by email or PM

This is a port of the Notifier plugin by Neocrome from LDU/Seditio.

- Subscribe to a topic by email or PM
- Sends email/PM when there's a new post

New in v2.0:
- Automatic subscriptions, can be set in user profile
- Uses sed_auth instead of usr['level']
- Fully localisable (includes EN and NL language files)

- Extract and upload files
- Backup your database
- Run sed_notifier.sql on your database
- Go to admin > plugins > notifier > install all
- Check for any missing tags

See also: Topic at Cotonti.com

1. Alex300  2009-11-09 05:32
Russian language file: notifier.ru.lang_145.zip.

Setup: unzip file notifier.ru.lang.php to the folder plugins/notifier/lang on your server.

Файл русской локализации.
Установка: Скопировать файл notifier.ru.lang.php в папку plugins/notifier/lang на сервере.
2. norby500  2010-05-03 08:42
awesome plugin, this should be made a core feature in every release.
3. GHengeveld  2011-11-19 10:44

Fixed the download link. The plugin is now on Github.

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