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Allow users to change their username

This is an updated version of the Seditio NameChange plugin by Spartan, with added functionality and bugfixes by Koradhil.

New features and modifications:
- Option to set a default username using tags like {NAME} and {EXTRA1}
- Added more options for minimum wait between changes (up to 10 years)
- Fully localisable (English and Dutch included)

- Upload plugin files
- Open phpMyAdmin and run sql.txt on your database
- Go to admin/plugins/namechange and install all
- Open users.profile.tpl for your skin and add this tag {PLUGIN_NAMECHANGE} (next to USERNAME)

See also:
- Topic at Cotonti.com

1. esclkm  2009-05-13 03:06
- Open phpMyAdmin and run sql.txt on your database

Its not goog idea - please make plugin with full installation
2. Raylandar  2016-04-08 13:54

broken link

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