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extend your users module with social network features


Cotonti Social is a plugin aiming to extend the users module within Cotonti, and provide social networking features such as wall posts, friends list, and more. Later development of this plugin will bring more exciting features, but for now it is simple mechanics.

Features (as of version 1.0)

  • User Walls
  • Friends List

For installation instructions please review the readme file included in the release package.

NOTE: This extension, and theme is coded to be compatible with Cotonti Siena (0.9.5)

1. elfrenazo  2012-01-12 18:56

esta genial !!

2. Twiebie  2012-01-12 20:16

Nice one, Dyllon!

3. lukgoh  2012-01-12 23:24

Thanks Dyllon!

4. Kopusha  2017-03-02 10:38

So there are restrictions right in the code for posting - 15 for parent and 5 for sibling wallposts, and no pagination? Older posts are not deleted? And "extra" posts are written to DB, but not shown? Am I right?

Is any "cleaner" for extra posts? I mean for post thet was published - it was in range of 15 posts, but than it was "hidden" by newer posts. 


More information would be useful! Thanks ahead!

5. Kopusha  2020-10-08 22:46

Change 212 in inc/functions.php 
$db->update($db_cot_social_friendslist, array('status' => '1'));
$db->update($db_cot_social_friendslist, array('status' => '1'), "userid=".$friendid);
Otherwise ALL users pending requests turn to status 1
Надо изменить 212 строку в функциях так как сейчас все исходящие запросы от юзера переходят из статуса 0 в 1

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