Chatwee chat

Chatwee is a social chat platform ready to embed into your website.

1. Features

For Chatters:

- Full Authorization Control: auto-login anonymous guests, Chatwee User login, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ integration
- Visitors can chat in public mode using group chat or start a private conversation with any person from the user's list available
- Users search tool
- 'User is typing…' indicator
- Enable browser tab blink a new message notification
- Share files with your visitors in a simple and intuitive way
- Autolink functionality for all users
- Share videos and photos with automatic preview on the chat wall    
- Resize your widget horizontally and vertically
- Change view: from full-size ('Facebook like') to compact mode
- All chat users can match the sizes of the chat window to their own preferences
- Toggle users list and resize it directly in chat window


- Enable Single-Sign On ('SSO')
- Get rid of unwanted content by simple deletion
- Profanity filter helps to specify words and phrases to be filtered
- Create a list of moderators/admins
- Ban abusers and spammers once for all      
- Name your social chat, display it in the header and become more recognizable
- Choose your own background, border and text colors using simple color-picker tool
- Set your own invitation in your message input like 'Hello. Say something...'
- Decide whether you like displaying messages in elegant bubble speeches with avatars or as a plain text
- Choose a shape of avatars displayed: circle, rectangle or rounded
- Fully editable welcoming cloud makes your online chat system more noticeable for new visitors
- Cloud based so it keeps your site to running fast
- Review your chat activity statistics like number of visitors, messages sent and much more
- Registration and plan up to 5 simultaneous chatters - always free
- Localizations available: English, Spanish, Chinese, Arabic, Persian, Kurdish, Bengali, Telugu, Turkish, Portuguese, Russian, German, French, Danish, Finnish, Polish, Czech, Hungarian, Slovenian, Slovak, Thai, Dutch, Italian, Korean, Greek, Swedish, Norwegian, Hindi, Serbian, Croatian, Japanese, Romanian and Vietnamese


2. Installation Manual

  1. Download the Chatwee plugin zip file
  2. Extract files and copy the plugin into Cotonti plugins directory
  3. Go to Administration panel / Extensions / Chatwee and install the plugin
  4. Register to and copy your code from Control Panel
  5. Paste Chatwee code to plugin's Configuration
  6. Add {CHATWEE} tag to YOUR_THEME/footer.tpl file


3. Changelog

v 1.0 5-07-2014
- Plugin premiere

v 1.1 19-03-2015
- Single Sign-on
- Chatwee API
- 17 new localizations

4. Resources:

Chatwee Home:

Features List:

Chatwee Support Center:

Chatwee Integration Center:

Direct Chat Plugin Download:

1. elfrenazo  2014-07-09 06:14

Payment ..........I do not like

2. musashi9  2014-07-10 00:56

I copy the code from chatwee starts with <script> and ends with</script> but nothing shows up on my footer??

3. singh336  2014-12-13 04:10

junk, wayyyyy too expensive. I can understand one time payment of $29 or $49 or possibly $99 if its worth that much to you, but monthly? LOL gtfoh go away.

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