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This plugin started life as the old plugin "bday" with updates I felt it needed. It ended up with me erasing and it rebuilding from the ground up. I had intentions of crediting the original authors in the files but after starting with blank pages and building it myself, I don't feel much credit goes to them in the files, but I do thank them very much for their work on the original plugin in which this is drafted from. Rayblo & Panther, Thank You Very Much!

Things visually changed in this plugin are minimum, but needed for a more professional appearance. If no members have birthdays "None" is displayed rather than nothing. When multiple members have birthdays, they are seperated by comma's without the trailing comma(just like Members Online). Admin configuration allows disabling the "title", which is set to "Member Birthdays::" in the language file, should your skin not need this label. English is the currently the only supported language.

Installaion is simple, add {BIRTHDAYS} anywhere inside the <!--BEGIN: MAIN --> tags in your index.tpl.

1. TwistedGA  2009-03-23 13:23
This file contains bugs, I contacted an administrator to upload the new file. I'll comment when it's solved and worth downloading. :( My bad. I thought we could update our own download pages.
2. Kort  2009-03-23 23:55
Feel free to request translation @ the Translators Forum
3. TwistedGA  2009-03-24 00:23
Ok, I've sent Trustmaster a new version to upload to fix the issues within package 0.0.1, until this page is updated, you can find it here:
4. w1ckd  2009-03-25 08:35
Downloaded 0.0.2:) thank you.
5. TwistedGA  2009-04-04 07:34
I really, really wish we coudl edit our download pages as file authors.

Personal File Space is finally working for me now that I'm in a user group, so here is a friendly download link for version 0.0.2!
6. GHengeveld  2009-06-23 02:52
I've tried this but in my opinion it is poorly coded so I decided to write one myself. Mine uses only one SQL query. See
Download here.
7. Evil  2010-09-02 11:36
Как я понимаю руссификации нет?
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