Paypal Donations

Donation system via paypal supports IPN/PDT


1.0 - Genoa

1.1 - Siena (Download here)


A simple system for tracking donations automatically made to you via Paypal.


  • Automated tracking of all Donations and totals
  • Recent/Top listings for donations received
  • Anonymous donation support
  • Paypal IPN/PDT generation
  • Automatic Setting of Main or Sub group to a specific group




1. Kingsley  2010-08-08 18:20
thank you so very much kilandor!
2. Kingsley  2010-08-25 00:02
question, is it possible to show last 'x' donations on index?
3. Raylandar  2016-04-08 14:00

Link button not working, link found in description does.

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