Maintenance Alert

Global reminder to inform you that Maintenance Mode is on

How often do you forget to turn the Maintenance Mode back off once you finish updating your website? Thing is, when you’re done, there’s no indication that the website is actually blocked for unauthorized visits, including SE spiders.

Maintenance Alert is basically a global informer made to remind you to switch off Maintenance Mode.

Install as normal. No dependencies or configurations required.

When the MM is on, you get 2 indications:

  1. A standard warning in the Admin Home location
  2. Global alert message made as a Bootstrap Toast by default with a link to the Security section in the Admin Area

The alert message will appear everywhere, except the login location.

You can customize the alert message via message_alert.tpl template – for both front-end and back-end themes. To do that just put your templates in the plugins folders.

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