Track your users and their IP's

Administration plugin (commercial)


Track down every ip address that a registered user uses. This to gain information about this user or about an ip address.


On sites, users can register under different useraccounts and this is not wanted, so with this tool you can figure out the relations between users and there ip addresses. You can use a nice and easy searching mechanism.

This tool will also help you to find anonymous proxy servers. (if you do not want that)

This plug is originally made for a large gaming related site, with >1000 users and more than 10000 unique visits a day.


  • search on 3 things (username, userid, ip)
  • in the search wildcards are possible
  • in the results you can easily link to ip's, and users for searching..
  • Direct links to userprofiles
  • Reports the top x used ip addresses (x = configurable)

If you are interested, please contact me on the Cotonti website username: ez

I can provide more details or screenshots

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