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Use CoTemplate debugging features to learn what tags and blocks are available on specific page or to dump variable contents on screen

Since Cotonti 0.9.1 a new set of debugging facilities is available to template designers.

The first one is block/tags listing mode. It outputs a plain tree of blocks and assigned tags in them for the current page. Example:

TPL debug mode

To get such a debug page, you need to make sure debug_mode is enabled for your Cotonti instance first. Open datas/config.php and make sure you have debug_mode enabled:

$cfg['debug_mode'] = TRUE;

Then you can see a TPL dump of any page by simply appending tpl_debug=1 parameter to the URL of the page, e.g.



There are several notes about TPL Debug functioning:

  • Blocks are indented by 20px per each level of nesting.
  • For loop blocks (which usually have _ROW in their name) only the first instance is shown.
  • Tag values are trimmed to 60 characters.

Another useful feature which is now available is variable dumps. To see a dump of the variable instead of its content, you add special dump() callback to it using a pipe sign, e.g.

or even {PHP|dump}

For example, if you place {PHP.out|dump} in header.tpl, you will see somewhat like this:

TPL dump function

And finally, one of the most frequently asked questions:

Where can I get the list of all global tags?
In any of your pages if you embed {PHP|dump} in it. But get ready to see all the global PHP variables defined in the script!


1. pieter  2011-04-18 14:16

Thx, this will be very helpfull.

2. Bosco  2011-04-19 15:11

indeed, this will help loads of peepz with getting more out of Cotonti.


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