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How to create pages in Cotonti

Every site have to have pages. In Cotonti we have a good texteditor, called markitup to write our pages. The markitup editor lets us write text, with certain formatting and publish them in a nice manner.

All pages are published in a pre-defined structure, categories, which is set up by the site administrator.

Once a page is written it´s added to the validation queue, for approval. When the page is approved by the site administrator, it is published in the selected category.

So how do we write a page?

First of all, you must have the right to write pages. If you have the proper rights you will be able to submit new pages.

Lets start with a News page. Navigate in to the News section of your site, and you will see a link saying "Submit a new entry".

By clicking this link you will get a form for adding a new page to the system, in this case a News page.

The form contains a number of fields, where some fields are mandatory and some are optional. Note that the fields you can see can depend on the rights you have in the system. Lets go through the fields:

Category: Here you select what category your page should be published under. The categories are pre-determined by the Administrator. Note that you might not be allowed to publish under all categories.

Title: The title of your page, a.k.a the headline.

Description: A text describing the content of your page. Optional

Author: the author of the text. Might be that someone else wrote it, and you just publish it. Optional.

Owner: Here, the system will set the name of the user who published the page. Don´t enter anything in this field.

Date: The date of the page. In this case it would be the date of the news. Default is current date and time. Optional

Begin: This field is not used in normal cases. However, the Administrator might manage the pages so that they are only displayed when the Begin date is reached. Optional

Expire: This field is not used in normal cases. However, the Administrator might manage the pages so that they are removed when the Expire date is reached. Optional

Pagehitcount: Here the system counts how many hits your page has received.

Extra key: Currently no use. The Administrator can use this field for e.g. tagging of documents.

Alias: Currently no use. The Administrator can use this field for e.g. tagging of documents.

Tags: Here you enter the tags for your text. Remember to comma separate the tags. the tags will be part of a tag cloud, if the Administrator has defined such a cloud. Optional

Parsing: Here you can decide if the page is to be published as text, or if you want it to be html. You can enter HTML code in the text, and if Parsing is set to HTML, the engine will treat your text as HTML. Note that the Administrator might not allow pages to be parsed as HTML.

Body of the page: Here you have the bbcode editor. Here you enter the text of your page. You can write it either as "plain text", or using HTML code. If you use HTML code, you have to change the parsing to HTML.

File download: Want to add a file to your page? Then set this to Yes.

URL: Here you enter the URL to your file. If you select a file from "My files", the URL will be entered automatically.

Filesize (KB): The size of the file in kb.

When entering text, as mentioned before, you use the markitup editor:

The markitup editor

The markitup editor looks like a simple word processor, and contains some word processor functions:

Bold: Makes selected text become bold.
Italic: Makes selected text become italic.
Underline: Makes selected text become underlined.
Striketrough: Makes selected text become striketroughed.
Align: Aligns selected text either by left, center or right.
Fonts: Set font size or heading for the selected text.
Colours: Colours the selected text to chosen colour.
Picture: Inserts a picture from a URL.
Link: Inserts a link.
Email: Inserts an email address link.
Bullet List: Create a bullet list.
Numeric list: Create a numeric list.
Item list: Creates an item list.
Table: Creates a table.
Table row: Creates a table row.
Table column: Creates a table column.
Quotes: Add possibility for entering a quote.
Code: Possibility for entering code between tags, to maintain code layout.
Hidden: Selected text is hidden from non-members.
Emoticon: Inserts a emoticon.
Clean: Cleans up text from tags.
Preview: Preview your text.

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