How to use RSS in Cotonti

Release 0.0.2 have these RSS:

rss.php?c=news - for output last pages of category news (or other exist category)
rss.php?c=comments&id=XX - for output last comments of page with id=ХХ
rss.php?c=forums - for output last topics of forum
rss.php?c=topics&id=XX - for output last posts of topic with id=XX
rss.php?c=section&id=XX - for output last topics of selected section of forum

In rss.php added two hooks:

1. rss.create - for create own RSS output. Input - parameters c= and id= , output - items for RSS-feed in $items[][] array. See code of rss.php for more.

2. rss.output - hook before RSS output. Output content in $out.

1. Joy  2009-04-15 05:30
2. Kort  2009-06-16 23:56
How about rss.php?c=comments&id=all or smth to subscribe to all comments?
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