Introducing Cotonti Introducing Cotonti

A very quick introdoction to Cotonti

Welcome to Cotonti! Cotonti is the name of Content Management System (CMS), but it is so flexible and easy to customize, that you may feel free to call it Content Management Framework (CMF) as well. So it is a piece of software and design to power websites. No surprise.

The way it works is nothing revolutionary, it is result of continuous evolution of website engines in general over years. If you are looking for something that breaks laws of physics or makes gold out of clay, you are in the wrong place. But if you are looking for something that does its job and does it excellent, then you have arrived.

So, to describe it briefly, Cotonti is a workhorse which is Reliable, Flexible and Fast.
And before we go deep into detail, let's just list its major features:
  • Free of charge. Open source code. Community driven.
  • Secure and Reliable.
  • Fast and Lightweight.
  • Modular and extensible with Modules and Plugins.
  • Layout separated from logic. Templates render fast, no PHP skills required.
  • Client-side magic with on-board jQuery.
  • Easy to understand, easy to customize.
  • Internationalized.
  • You name it!

Standard package includes:
  • The Core libraries.
  • Customizable Category tree for Pages.
  • Personalized User Profiles and Settings.
  • Powerful built-in Forums module.
  • Private Messaging system.
  • Ability to start polls in various areas.
  • Personal File Storage module.
  • RSS feed generator for news, forums, pages and comments.
  • Tags for pages and forums.
  • Handy bbcode editor called markItUp!.
  • Customizable extra fields for pages, user profiles and lots more.
  • Tools for migrating from Seditio.
  • Localizations for more than 6 languages. Others can be obtained from the site.

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