Tasks after installation Tasks after installation

What tasks to perform after installation

When installation has completed there are some items that you should configure. All items below takes place in the Administration Panel, which you can reach from "Administration" in the menu.

Make sure that you are logged in to your site as administrator and perform the following tasks:

Configuration -> Main Setup

Here you need to set 4 things:

Site title -> Main title for your website
Description -> Optional, will be displayed after the title of the site
Administrator's email -> The email address of the administrator.

Configuration -> Personal File Space

Folder storage mode -> Select the folder storage mode. (If enabled, will store the user files in subfolders /datas/users/USERID/... instead of prepending the USERID to the filename. Must be set at the FIRST setup of the site ONLY. As soon as a file is uploaded to any PFS, it's too late to change this.

Configuration -> Time and date

The server time zone, and default time zone needs to be set, to match the current time. To see the current time of the server, look under Other -> Informations

1. NTpspE  2009-06-05 20:52
When i go to main setup i only have the admin email section, the title and description i can only find in titles, but it isn't making any difference :S
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