Announcing Cotonti Union ver. 1.o.O

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Cotonti Development Team is proud to announce you the recent changes in our project roadmap. We have made an important decision about the next major branch which is now called "Union 1.o.O" instead of "Renaissance 1.0.0".

The word "Union" in its name means that the new system is a combination of all features currently present in Cotonti and such popular open source content management systems as WordPress, Joomla, MODx and Drupal. It also means that Cotonti switches its license from BSD to GPLv3. The compatibility is established both on database level and system behavior. For example, you will be able to install Drupal modules and Wordpress plugins and combine them with Joomla templates. Such amazing abilities are made possible by our new revolutionary technology called "Cotonti Site Cloud" which automatically maintains a cloud of different CMS systems and provides the end user an abstract service from all of them.

The "1" in the name means that it will be the CMS №1 in the world, the ultimate CMS. Meanwhile "o.O" stands for "object.ORIENTED", which indicates that the new system has been written from scratch in pure OO. Inspired by Ruby On Rails, Django, Yii and ASP.NET, the new "object.ORIENTED" development framework follows the most modern trends in web development: automatic code generator tool, YAML data model descriptions, visual component editor written in HTML5, AJAX comet client-server communication and lots more.

Will your new Cotonti Unity 1.o.O site work fast still? Yes! The new platform comes with an optimizing binary compiler, which keeps track of machine code being executed on the site and thus creates a binary image of the system originally written in Ruby. Oh, haven't I mentioned that? Yes, the new system is written from scratch in Ruby, except for the actual PHP CMS containers which are kept in the "Cotonti Site Cloud" as they are.

P.S.: if you are still reading, Siena 0.9.0 is finally coming on April 4th. Have a nice beta testing weekend before that!

1. pieter  1. April 2011, 10:02

If I understood correctly:

Cotonti Union will be Siena + extra's.

All we can do in siena will be possible in Union.
It is just I'm converting all to Siena and don't want to redo everything for Union.

Is this correct?

2. foxhound  1. April 2011, 10:12

LMAO, I actually managed to read it all.


Nice one :)



3. schulle4u  1. April 2011, 10:23
*rofl* Made my day!
4. aiwass  1. April 2011, 10:26

April Fools day!

5. Bosco  1. April 2011, 12:52

I wus like: Yeah

then I went: hm, april fools!

6. GHengeveld  2. April 2011, 21:11
At first when I read the title I thought 'Why did he pick a new release name without discussing it with me?', but then I read the post and had a good laugh :) There's some good ideas in there though... I'm in for Ruby ;)
7. jcrush  3. April 2011, 02:45

LOL for 1 aprel?

8. Trustmaster  3. April 2011, 08:44

At first it seems like a normal technical announcement, but it actually describes impossible things. So, I wish you've had a good laugh on the April Fools day.

9. tensh  5. April 2011, 06:46

Geeez, you've got me here :D

Hahaha, I feel stupid.

10. fade2k  8. Mai 2011, 18:59

LOL I was soooOoo confused and worried. I just NOW realized this article was april 1st =0D

11. Slaweally  13. November 2013, 00:28

Thanks Trustmaster ;)

wordpress, joomla, drupal open source systems, such as the transition  great has been ;)

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