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#481 15. August 2008, 18:05
LOL, this is yet another unpractical section in Sed.
Im talking about structure_path here, eg:

this could be completely hidden and replaced by a system with two columns in db_structure: id | parent
I think its nothing new for coders, but heres how it works:
Each entry has its own unique id and (optionally) the parent - that way you can build nested DB structure for unlimited category hierarchy. A simple recursive function is required to find all "childs" and its even easiest to find the "parent"
I got similar system up and running for a long time with almost 5000 items - its really fast, you can use AJAX drag & drop with ease to move items between categories and you dont have to worry about the "_path" thing.

Think about sites with more than 100 categories!!

PS. This is not a hurry-up improvement. Im putting it here for future reference - if needed :)
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