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#33719 2. April 2012, 06:19

Hello I am trying to embed some js into a page but it wont appear in the main body. it shows up at the bottom of the page

cotonti 0.6.5

page parsing set to html

<script type="text/javascript" src="html5/atx/anthrox.js"></script>
<img id="balls" src="html5/atx/balls.png" alt="" style="display:none"/>
<img id="coder" src="html5/atx/coder.png" alt="" style="display:none"/>
<img id="font"  src="html5/atx/font.png"  alt="" style="display:none"/>
<img id="logo"  src="html5/atx/logo.png"  alt="" style="display:none"/>