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Plans for improving the Cotonti documentation

#26730 21. Oktober 2010, 05:44
My idea with longer pages is to have an 'index', with links (anchors) to every page. Each header will get an anchor attached so you can 'jump' from chapter to chapter, which also enables you to link directly to a certain part of the text. The advantage of having a longer page is that it's possible to include information that is related to the topic on the same page, so that readers are more likely to find out about stuff they didn't even know existed. Also it enables you to use your browser's search function more effectively.

As to your point about scrolling, for a manual it's better to scroll and read on, than to click links all the time, waiting for the pages to load while hoping to find what you need when it does. After all you will not know if the page you're going to will actually contain the information you need. If its a single page you can just 'scan' the page quickly and be done with it, or use Ctrl-F to look for a specific topic.

I basically have three goals for the documentation:
  • Increase number of Cotonti developers, which hopefully means more 3rd party extensions
  • Increase attractiveness of Cotonti to newcomers (novice and professional)
  • Reduce number of support questions in forums