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A new version for PFS

#12327 10. Mai 2009, 16:17
but the problem is that the auth information (cookie) is not sent along with the uploaded file. Do you guys have a solution for this "slight" problem?

To auth properly. You have to keep up to date with cotonti as its quite dynamic sinc 04. The solution is to post the sessions yourself. Then keep up to date. I can post code or show you or you can wait for the medlib beta. Wont be long, had alot on my plate last week , hope to get alot done monday.

Basically, i turn all the cookies, sessions into a string. Then post them along with the sourcekey seperate as x. I then rebuild them. Then it will login properly. However once ive done the file transition. I then do this again, otherwise it will log you out after a minute.

because of the bug msot uploaders with flash will give some sort of abilities to post and get. Now i have it properly logging in, i didnt yet try slimming the feedbacks and sessions adn cookies down. As sourcekey is transferd within and i probably wont need all the sessions and cookies.