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Some enhancement for list.php

#1048 14. September 2008, 23:47
This improvement is clear extra variables in the URL string in the sorting and pagination, if they are not used. And add highlight active arrows in sorting bar.
This looks very interesting and + clear URL string.

// At the very top, before the hook list.first
$url_string     = "list.php?c=$c";
$sort_string   .= (!empty($s) && !empty($w)) ? "&s=$s&w=$w" : "";
$filter_string .= (!empty($o) && !empty($p)) ? "&o=$o&p=$p" : "";

$pagination = sed_pagination($url_string.$sort_string.$filter_string, $d, $totallines, $cfg['maxrowsperpage']);
list($pageprev, $pagenext) = sed_pagination_pn($url_string.$sort_string.$filter_string, $d, $totallines, $cfg['maxrowsperpage'], TRUE);

The next hack adds highlight active arrows in sorting bar

You will also need to add two different colour images of arrows, for highlight

So, it looks very interesting and + clear URL string.

Heh, P.S. PFS and smiles not work Call to undefined function sed_htmlmetas()
Last core revision was very brutal :)

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