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The plugin allows you to organize a system of power users on the site. Users can change the reputation of other users, and view the complete list of votes.

The plugin allows you to implement a rating system (power) to the user on the website.
Each user can raise / lower the reputation of another member for his actions on the site!

It may be a message in the forum, comments, or page layouts. So as the user gets an additional value reputation for visiting the site every day. 

Looks user reputation as a rectangle with a value of power next to the name of the user. Color pryamougolnikak it can change depending on the reputation of the user.

Plugin features: 

- Change in the rating Users 

- Showing power on the site, etc. 

- Display a list of users and their votes in the window. 

- Commenting changes reputation. 

- Remove any reputation ratings administrator. 

- Change the color of the gadget, depending on the value of reputation. 

- Sort user list by reputation. 

Karma on Github 

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1. Lover  20. September 2014, 21:17

Thanks: 0

İTS Not working in forum posts ! Siena .16 version.

2. Lover  20. September 2014, 21:27

Thanks: 0


bool(true) bool(true)

Fatal error: Call to undefined function cot_build_extrafields_data() in/home/xxxxxx/public_html/system/functions.php on line 2127

3. Dr2005alex  21. September 2014, 18:09

Thanks: 0

Updated plugin. Try again.

4. Lover  28. September 2014, 12:27

Thanks: 0

Not working you can try it.

5. Dr2005alex  5. Oktober 2014, 18:55

Thanks: 0

In what situations is this happening?

6. fedai  29. Juni 2015, 10:01

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Fatal error: Call to undefined function cot_build_extrafields_data() in/home/test/public_html/system/functions.php on line 2171

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