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imports pages from xls file

Quite often it turns out that we need to import more than one page, or to replace a number of pages of several parameters. Through the standard editing pages is very awkward. Sometimes it is much easier to keep a separate file, which will be dynamically updated everything.

Especially for this plugin was created XLS Importer, which allows you to import and update data through the pages of the file MS Excel 2003.

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1. esclkm  15. Januar 2012, 16:15

но тут очень важен конфиг файл внутри плагина

2. Macik  24. Januar 2012, 11:13

Хорошо бы в архив положить примеры файлов для импорта.

И хотя бы простенькую инструкцию по пунктам.


3. Raylandar  8. April 2016, 14:10

broken link

4. Macik  10. September 2016, 20:58

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