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Studying crawl rate is hugely important because it helps you find out which pages are trusted most by the search engines (especially Google). The more Google trusts a page the greater the frequency it will re-visit that page. If you build a few deep links and see your crawl rate for the target page suddenly increase you can be confident that the links are highly trusted and that you should try to get some more.


  • MSN, Yahoo & Google from your dashboard.
  • Access crawl data for 3 main search engines
  • Monitor your crawl rate over time
  • Discover how crawl rate is related to PageRank


To install Site Trend plugin, first execute SQL_sitetrend.sql file to your sql server.

  1. Execute SQL_sitetrend.sql file
  2. Put the «sitetrend» plugin into your «plugins» folder.
  3. Go to Admin => Plugins => Sitetrend and install the plugin.
  4. Configure tpl/sitetrend.tpl for your own needs.


To see crawl, go to the plugin page (plug.php?e=sitetrend).

1. MecTruy  17. März 2009, 01:10
Good job m_ogz
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