Cotonti Skin Competition Terms Cotonti Skin Competition Terms

Details on skinning contest

Vote open: October 5th - 11th
Results: October 12th
Current total prize: $340 raise it!.

The Web Vote is Up

Cotonti is an agile website engine with rich history and new capabilities arising every release. We like it for its clarity, reliability and speed. But how about more unique layouts available? Let's give this CMS a fresh look and handy controls!

You can do that by entering the skinning contest in 2 nominations at once. First one is web vote: visitors will vote for their favorites and top 3 skins will get a bunch of dollars in addition to their titles. The second nomination is jury prize: if you win it, your skin will become a new default layout of Cotonti with your name and a link to your site shown at the bottom of thousands of pages online!

If you are not a skin maker but would like to support this contest and new skins to emerge, you can make a donation which will be added to the prize.

Got questions? Ask them here.

If you want to participate you should send your skin package by or within a private message. The package should contain all the necessary files to use your skin with Cotonti, a screenshot and some information about you: full name, website and anything you wish to tell about yourself or the skin.

If you want to support this competition, you can donate with PayPal or WebMoney*. Don't forget to add «skin compo» note to your donation. All the donations will be summed and when the compo is over, 3 top authors in the web vote will receive their prizes:
  1. 50% of total prize
  2. 30% of total prize
  3. 20% of total prize

There is another nomination besides the web vote — jury special prize. And the winner will become the new official skin of Cotonti!

Here are requirements to enter the web contest:
  1. The skin must be unique and made by yourself or your company. We do not accept skins ported from other CMS, free or commercial templates available online. Ripped templates are prohibited.
  2. The skin is available for free.
  3. It must be a complete skin and contain all the necessary TPL, CSS, JS, PHP and image files. The skin must work flawlessly with Cotonti >= 0.0.6.
  4. Internationalization is required. No hardcoded text in templates please. English langfile is required, other are optional and may be added after the compo.
  5. Minimal TPL coverage: comments, footer, forums, header, index, list, message, page, pfs, plugin, pm, polls, popup, ratings, users. Admin part can be a standard one, but having your own gives you a bonus. The same is about implementing plugin TPLs.
  6. Valid XHTML and CSS2.

Other recommendations which lift your chances:
  1. Semantic markup.
  2. Optimized for search engines.
  3. Use of jQuery (capable of working without it too).
  4. Multiple themes.
  5. Templates for standard plugins.

Please do not use sed-light skin as base for your skin, use it to learn structure of Cotonti skins and TPL variables but it is not a good example of markup. To learn TPL tags, use tpltags plugin.

The jury contest starts with a private vote among Cotonti Team members. Then the jury consisting of 5 team members give points to each of the top 3 in team vote:
  • Layout (1-5 pts)
  • Coding (1-5 pts)
  • Infrastructure (1-5 pts)
The skin that gets most points gets the jury prize. Administrators can cancel jury prize nomination in case there are no entries that deserve it at all.

There is a special condition for the skin that is used as default. It should contain a copyright notice and the links to and the skin author, but a user is allowed to remove this notice if he wants. We allow removing «Powered by Cotonti» notice, so not allowing to remove skin notice would be a valuable limitation. However, by default that notice will be present to promote you.

* PayPal transfers are covered via our donation account . WebMoney transfers are covered via Z400297152811 account. Primary payment will be through Paypal (if possible), if the winner is unable to receive Paypal payments a conversion site maybe used. Any fees inccured from any transfers will come out of the total of the money sent.

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