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Download / Cotonti Genoa 0.6.9

A security update

1. What's new in 0.6.9

  • An important security fix and improvements for the rc.php static resource compressor
  • Authentication security and stability improvement backported from Siena
  • Anti-XSS improvement backported from Siena
  • Authentication support for multi-domain sites (with "remember me")
See Trac report for more details.

2. Installation

Just follow the INSTALL.txt instructions included in the package.

2.1. Updating from 0.6.8

  1. Replace these files with updated files:
  2. Run sql/patch-0.6.3-0.6.9.sql in phpMyAdmin

  3. View source changes from 0.6.8

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1. 3axap  15.07.2010 21:37

Thanks: 0

Tnx for update!

2. schulle4u  15.07.2010 23:21

Thanks: 0

Anyone else getting an error500 after logging in and calling the admin area? Or maybe something went wrong with my update...

Edit: Nevermind, had an syntax error in my updated lang file. :)

3. Boss  18.07.2010 00:38

Thanks: 0

ok, Updated. thanks

4. donP  22.07.2010 22:34

Thanks: 0

I've opened a new tiket, cause the header.php change has a defect...
look here:

5. Trustmaster  23.07.2010 16:49

Thanks: 0

Fixed in r1256, the download has been repackaged.

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