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Siena branch getting closer to the major release

1. What's new in Siena 0.9.8

  • Extension categories. Plugins are grouped by category in the Installer and there is Category View in Administration / Extensions.

  • A “Multihost” mode which allows the site to run on multiple host names and ports. See $cfg['multihost'] in config.php.

  • Built-in CAPTCHA management and Security section in Configuration.

  • Complete set of tags for pages in Search plugin results.

  • Extra fields for pages in RSS.

  • Extra fields are supported in Forums, Comments and Contact.

  • Support for “post-install” plugins.

  • Enhanced category template management in Administration / Structure.

  • An option to log out from all devices at once, see #837.

  • Category filter in Recent Items plugin.

  • Extensions moved from the package: 'forumstats', 'massmovetopics', 'usersbyfirstletter', 'view'.

  • Nofollow attribute in tags plugin is now optional.

  • Online activity tracking code has been decoupled from the core and moved to 'whosonline' plugin.

  • JQuery 1.7.2, CoTemplate 2.7.3.

  • Fixed over 33 bugs and more than 18 enhancements.

More changes can be found in this report.

See the list of new TPL tags here.

2. Update from 0.9.7

See updating instructions here.

For the list of files updated from 0.9.7 please see this diff.

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1. motor2hg  2012-04-07 08:56

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Если устанавливать с нуля, то такой папки не существует, поэтому и права на неё не установить. Тут надо либо добавить её в дистрибутив, либо информировать пользователя о том, что её нужно создать самостоятельно и только тогда выставить на неё права.

2. Trustmaster  2012-04-07 11:02

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Эта папка используется разработчиками расширений при отладке. Её и в списке-то быть не должно.

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